Shamanic & health practitioner


people, animals, places, trees, plants

Energy worker, earth keeper

I am trained in several disciplines as you can see below.  My passion and fascination with delving into our whole makeup made all these modalities necessary and sensible to me, to study because we are whole beings made up of a physical, mental/emotional and soul/spirit aspect of ourselves.  For me, this is also true of animals.  I work as shaman which is actually not a noun but a verb, the true term is shamanising which means 'vibrating with Spirit'.  You tell me why you have come to me, what is it you want help with?  I listen intently to you and to Spirit and my Guides and may also Journey to gain what I need to know to help you or I may have done this prior to your session.  I do as directed by Spirit and my Guides.  When you have finished I then share how Spirit and my Guides are offering to help you and what I have been directed to do and what we need to get on and do.


You are in 'trusted' hands as described by one of my clients on my comments page, firstly because I am very well educated in my fields with years of practice behind me and hopefully in front of me to!

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher
Advanced Dowser, Teacher
Advanced Diviner, Teacher
Reiki Master,  Western Teacher
Shihan (Teacher) Jikiden Reiki for Level 1 & 2
Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Neuro-Linguistic Programmer
Equine Assisted Therapist
Holistic Aromatherapist
Masseuse/Body Worker People & Animals
Flower Essence Practitioner
Nutritional Health
For Horses:
Healing Herbs & Protocols,  Reiki, 
Natural Horsemanship Training, 
Shamanic Practices
Supporting studies to work with horses:
Horse Psychology and Behaviour, Equine Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology and
Natural Horsemanship Training including Horse Psychology & Behaviour studying at
Monty Roberts at his home and training facility Flags Is Up Farm, Solvang, California and 
Parelli Natural Horsemanship at their facilities in the UK, US and Switzerland