Spirit of Drum & Rattle



The rhythms, the vibrations of drum and rattle are used to bring into our energy harmony, wholeness and disperse that which is neither within us,  within whichever level these may be manifesting.


The beat of the drum echoes the beat within the heart of Mother Earth which our hearts beat to.  Drumming entrains your rhythms, your vibrations and those of everything within receipt of them as they radiate outwards in all directions.

As the drum or rattle releases it's healing vibrations, your whole being resonates to the rhythmic patterns.  These influence the internal rhythmic patterns of the individual whomever or whatever requires healing and re-harmonises those distorted patterns that are thought to be causing illness or imbalance and blockage of energy and flow. This sympathetic resonance forms new harmonic alignments,  opens the body’s various energy meridians and chakras, releases blocked emotional patterns, promotes healing and helps reconnect us to our core. The sound patterns of the beats, also enhance your sense of empowerment and stimulates your creative expression, raises your vibration, you feel happier, more centred, in harmony with all around you, part of it ...the Web of Life,

Come and experience this for yourself.  The positive response voiced by participants and visibly seen in animals for example horses and dogs to  musical drumming is best experienced and witnessed.  At the end of a drumming circle we are all happy, joyous, laughing, exhilarated and the anxieties and woes we came with have dissipated.  For the time we joined in a circle our anxieties, stresses evaporated and our whole being remembered what harmony felt like once again.  That change in state is healing to all levels of our being.

In recent scientific tests of drumming versus a selection of anti-depressant drugs, the drumming won on every level.  Quicker, safer, cheaper,  no side effects other than a chemical alteration able to be measured as the body chemistry responded positively to the vibration of the drums and cortisol levels dropped and spirits, happiness and hope rose.  Our ancestors knew their stuff.

Our Western lifestyle often separates us from the truth of what we are . . . animals . . .  part 'of ' nature' not 'apart from' nature.

Some drums will share their name.  The name is sacred and if revealed to you, has always been considered sacred and secret but, ultimately  ask if  their name is able to be shared and be guided by Spirit and honour the answer you receive.

Drums I have photographed and featured on my websites gave permission for me to do so.


Whether Native American, Wiccan, Druid, Norse, Celtic, Mongolian ie. shamanic as we would call them now, birthed drum from whichever shamanic lineage have very specific creative criteria.  It is all about gratitude, respect, honouring the  animal or tree materials used. These must have been from animals who have passed naturally and no tree damaged for it's parts but found on the ground. All remains will be blessed within a ceremony of gratitude, respect, honour and thanks for their life, their gifts and the sacred objects which are whatever remains are being used.  Drum beaters will be from tree branches found on the ground, sometimes skin or woven wool for the beater heads and so on.  Provenence and heart in their birthing are extremely important.

For me,  each drum feels different, sounds different and has their own unique expression of Drum Spirit as does Rattle.  To me, they are unique beings as an expression of Spirit come to me for specific reasons to accompany me on my life journey.


When your healing drum or rattle Spirit chooses you, hold their drum face or rattle to your heart and connect.  Express gratitude, thanks  and joy for what their joining you on your life journey and for all they will teach and  gift you.  Gently introduce yourself, say hello and begin to get to know them in a gentle  dialogue from and through your heart centre.