Dates 2021


(now planning post Lockdown!)


Further Information Concerning Courses


All courses, lectures, drumming events require you to book and to reserve your place please.

To reserve your place you need to pay 25% of the course fee as a deposit which is non refundable.  This secures your place.

For any Circle you need to book and pay to secure your place.

For Courses the remaining 75% is due no later than 1 month prior to the event beginning.

Late comers are welcome but you must ring me and see if there is room first, then secure your place by paying the full fee before it starts if it's 1 month or less until the start.

I am very open once you have paid, to you changing courses if you want to, or, changing a course fee to therapy fees, or moving to the same course but a different time in the future.