Reiki Level 1

July date coming . . .

Reiki Level 2 (CPD)

September date coming . . . 

Reiki Master/Teacher Level (CPD)


Reiki With Horses (CPD)

a module for equestrians (shorter)

August date coming . . . 

a module for non equestrians (longer)

September date coming . . .

(CPD denotes registered towards

Continual Professional Development)

Online Zoom Drumming Circle £20

Tuesday 25th May 6 - 8pm

Spirit, Drum & Rattle Circle topic is 'I AM'

Come . . .   discover . . .

Please do contact me via the email link at bottom of each page (just click on it)

if you would like to meet me on the phone or on Zoom to 

discuss any course you are considering.

All my courses are 6 people maximum.


Reiki Western Level  1,  One weekend £220

Number of students as per government guidelines not via Zoom.

6 People max anyway.

Reiki Western Level 2,  Two weekends £400

CPD Registered  6 people max

requires 4 case histories, 6  1hr sessions each with 2 people, 1  animals, 1 plant and 1 using Distant Reiki.

As this is practitioner level, I feel strongly that when people pay for a treatment

the practitioner has actually practiced on people and animals before they start charging

and are competent and confident and are instructed in how to set up your own practice.

Theory, practical on both people and small dogs in class (if allergic we discuss an alternative)

helpful advice on setting up your first business, importance of insurance,

Code of Ethics, GDPR, Record Keeping etc.

Number of students as per government guidelines, but not more than 6 and not via Zoom.


Reiki Level 2 Horse Module for Equestrians £800

(CPD Registered) 6 People Max

1  weekend per month for 3 months 10am - 5pm

. . . 2 months to go off and commence case histories and then we meet for 

1 weekend in month 6  to answer questions re case histories and anything re studies 10am - 5pm

6 months total to do your case histories of

6 horses who require 6 one hour sessions each (36 hours total of case history practice)

Case histories presented to me after which a practical test with me and 1 horse which I arrange.

Please see non-equestrians course below for further information.

Additional home study 20 hours per month.

This course is in person. This cannot be taught via Zoom.

As an equestrian and lover of horses with years of practical knowledge using and teaching

Reiki With Horses, I love nothing more than to see you grow in skill, subtlety, feel and knowledge

with your Reiki and, in reading your horse client and being safe treating them in their stable or in their paddock.

Reiki Level 2 Horse Module for Non Equestrians £1200.

(CPD Registered). 6 people maximum

2 weekends month 1,

1 weekend for 5 months all 10am to 5pm.

6 months to do your case histories of

6 horses who require 6 one hour sessions each (36 hours case history practice)

You are continually assessed by me as to your answers in class with your theory and I observe  and guide  your handling of the horses during practical class.

When you feel ready to do your final practical test this is arranged with me and done 1:1.

The practical test is done after case histories are completed and you do not need 

to wait for all your classmates to have completed theirs.

Horses for case histories 6, you can book to use some of mine. I do also arrange with

local equestrian like-minded people in the area for other horses to be available to

test your skill, all under my guidance.

Additional home study 20 hours per month.  Joining the

Parelli Savvy Club for the course duration for your reading & video material for the course which is £15.99

per month for the excellent course material.  Recommended further reading.

This course is in person.

This cannot be taught via Zoom.

Due to the nature of horses we cover a working knowledge to enable you to meet,

be with in a safe stable environment and ow to do Reiki in a paddock or shelter to practice Reiki With Horses,

having covered a good beginners' foundation in:

horse psychology, how horses communicate, importance of energy, observing the herd, 

health and safety around horses, how to read your equine client, owner's responsibility to you,

the environment & horses, the environment & you, taking case notes and history, GDPR, 

Code of Ethics, Reiki on horses and I am always available for my past students as they would like,

through their career to offer advice.


There is home study you will be informed of prior to starting your course.

 My horses have been trained by me using Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  They are well known to me 

and now happy. calm and very appreciative of receiving Reiki.  They love it as you will see their response to it.

They will be your equine clients enabling your practice of hands-on experience of doing Reiki on horses,

with myself and my assistant in attendance, to help you, guide you and progress you in

your skill and feel. You will also observe horses receiving Reiki from me,

so you can watch and write down questions from the live sessions, for me to answer afterwards.


Horses are beautiful souls in fact I term them, Soul Food.

If you have always dreamed of working with horses, then helping them in this way, may be for you.

This course takes time for the health, safety and wellbeing of practitioner and your future equine clients.

Level 1 & 2 must have already been taken.

Horses are my team of 13:

6 horses Gilles, Merlin, Zeus, Angel-Rose, Sarsha;

1 pony name Jumbo;

 6 miniature horses:

Merrily, Sweetheart, Poppet, Mozart, Tsarina and Benjamin Button.

These are your equine practice clients.

At times I may arrange access to a horse outside of my herd to assist your knowledge and practical skill.

Another member of staff for safety.  Requires home reading of 20 hours a month but 

like anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out.

6 case histories of 6 1hr sessions, 1 practical test and continual assessment for Certification.

6 places only.

Advanced Reiki With Horses 2 Weekends. £475

With many years experience having, horse training and doing Reiki on horses,

I teach you the next level of subtleties of doing hands on healing gained through 20 years of doing Reiki on Horses and

 teaching Reiki with these beautiful creatures,

and further develop your knowledge of horse psychology, language, health and safety

around horses and further enhance your feeling of, and how to work with the subtle energy of horses.

Demonstrations, observation, practical. 

This requires having done my Level 2 Reiki with Horses obviously.

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Level

5 days £950

Requirement is Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Level 

and some years having practiced and gained experience.

Next course is summer 2022 date to be decided but

open to reserve a place. 


6 places maximum not via Zoom.


Reiki Re-Attunement &  Reiki Share 4hrs £70

4 people in Attendance

Diarised 3x a year

Q&A Reiki Weekend & Advanced Demonstrations £200

for equestrians and non equestrians

This is held 2x a year.

An opportunity to come back with questions to me that have come up from practicing with horse clients,

enables me to answer your questions,  do Reiki demonstration with my horses to help clarify,

and hear others queries and experiences from which you can learn and further hone your feel.

Hearing other peoples' issues from  working with horses and their owners,

is second hand gold.

As a Reiki Master with decades of experience behind me,

and as a world travelled equestrian, I have a wealth of education, knowledge and experience to

share during our time together.  You will leave confident, tested and 

able to continue your onward Reiki journey whether for

yourself or as a Reiki practitioner.

All Reiki is done in person and not via Zoom



2x Month Drumming Therapy Circles. 6 people max £60 2.5hrs attending at my practice nr Exeter.

These are deep, intense therapy and have proven to be powerfully healing and progressive for you 

on your life path, I set themes when I arrange them, and I incorporate other healing modalities I do

for an holistic experience to benefit and help you.

Bring your drum and rattle or, I have both from my collections for your use.


Bi-Monthly Evening Circles via Zoom  £20  2hrs

Of course attending with me in person has a different feel and enables you to have personal time with me.

But this is valuable in a different way and attendees have gained immensely too from these Circles

via Zoom.    Cost effective, uplifting, fun, and the theme I set if it draws you to it will provide you with what you need hence you're drawn to do it,


As a psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and shamanising soul, I have education that has been invaluable to me in helping my students and clients to develop their ability within the shamanic practice of Journeying and the need to move out of this physical world into the world of Spirit in it's many guises.

I have been communicating and communing with Spirt from my teens. In my mid twenties I began my education in the healing arts, developing my natural gifts through my teachers who assisted, guided, instructed and enabled me to grow into the practitioner and teacher I am today.