Fiona Elliott Dixon

Principal & Teacher

Shamanic Health Practitioner

Welcome to my Light Vibration School of Shamanic & Healing Practices.

I believe we healers, are needed now even more urgently, in fact are being called to claim our destiny. To seek out the teachers to nurture, educate and enable those who are here on Mother Earth, during these unprecedented times, to begin or continue their healing journey with themselves or progress their desire to enable healing in others.


Whether you are wishing to learn to help yourself, what you learn will benefit your loved ones, friends, pets, others and one day even clients.  Each small flame, you, joins the combined light of all like-minded souls.  This combined light of creating change beginning from within, from a place of love and compassion for ourselves, radiates out joining into the Light Illuminating Vibration from which everything is created, and returns home to, that is required to stop the only destructive species on the planet, 'us' . Instead, there is a conscious movement to create a new and different world.


Your choices made for yourself when from a place of love, compassion and progression towards Light, mushrooms upwards, downwards and outwards to others into an expansive healing Light enveloping  the 'whole' of Everything.  


If we each just do our part, change our world, the vibration of the whole expands and benefits.  The individual is powerful, important and does make a difference. You make a difference.


At the Light Vibration School of Shamanic & Healing Practices, you can come and learn a good number of these ways for yourself, your family, your pets, your home, your garden and even one day your own clients.  You can begin or continue the wonderful journey of healing compassion at the beginning . . .  you ...   in the knowledge that what you are learning will benefit others and in the big picture, uplift the vibration of  the All.

The ethos of the School is not only to educate but to share, guide, enable, instil confidence , support personal development as well as the development of skills; it is to provide the environment in which your special gifts which are unique to you, are recognised and not just for the duration of whatever you are learning here, but for as long as you would like to have the connection with me as you walk your path.


Spirit and my guides are absolutely present in my work with my students just as they are with my clients so classes will always have me assisting each student in what I see  and am guided they need, to help them achieve their goal and manifest their destiny.  Spirit gathers up the class and highlights individual needs to which I respond and if some 1:1 time is needed then that will be scheduled in.   As I have written previously, you are important and each is recognised equally as such and learning whilst totally supported in this magical place hidden away amidst some of Devon's hills.

A tiny acorn, from which the great oak grows.  Couldn't this be perceived as a miracle?  as magic? when you stand by one that is 800 years old? 

Several times a month I schedule get togethers via Zoom that last 2-2.5hours at a minimal cost of £20.  These are healing, educational and a wonderful way for you to meet me and gain whatever you are meant to from before committing to therapy or a course.  These get togethers are supported by the Spirit of Drum & Rattle and of course the Great Mystery and my Guides, with the focus and intent of: Healing, Manifesting Our Dream, Soul Retrieval Through Time, Joy are just some examples.

Ask and the teacher appears.

All Reiki courses have Certificates.  Shamanic courses have a Certificate of Completion.  Shamanism  or rather shamanising is one vibrating with Spirit.  in other words, Spirit working through you and no one can certify that this 'is' and always will be.  The relationship you have with Spirit and your Guides is yours and yours alone.  The proof is in the results your shamanic work achieves.  No Certificate will enable you or ensure Spirit will continue to work with you.  All you are able to do is due to your relationship with Spirit for as long as Spirit's relationship with you bears fruit. 

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